Mile 26.2- “I Will Get There.”

It’s been over two years since I started this blog. It hasn’t quite turned out the way that I hoped it would. Nothing ever really does though, does it? When I started this in October 2016, it was in hopes of securing a position as a blogger posting for the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon. But it quickly turned into something more; a way to document my own personal running journey and to, hopefully, inspire others to keep running, setting, and reaching goals of their own. I had envisioned each chapter documented in “Miles” with the hope of securing my Boston Qualifier by the time I reached this post here today, “Mile 26.2”. My journey, however, (just like life…and much like most marathons) has not exactly gone according to plan.

I am still just as far from my BQ as I was two years ago. (47 minutes and 56 seconds, on my best day.)

I, myself, am not the same though. I have learned alot, changed alot, experienced and endured alot, as well as, recovered from alot. In many ways, I still am and probably will be for quite some time.

While this blog began as a way to document my running journey, it has since evolved into an account of my loftiest personal goals and hopes of achieving them. It contains the grief and great sadness over the loss of my parents, the shattering of my family as I once knew it, the emotional loss of hope and faith in this world, and the questioning of my own belief in myself. Despite these difficult things, it has also become a witness to great friendships, a testament of resilience, and my innate drive and desire to find my way all over again; to never, ever give up despite the odds being stacked so far against me. So on this day, as I reflect back and venture to look ahead, I realize that this blog (and my story) are far from over. Just like the marathon, the 26.2 miles within the race itself are simply the culmination of training that was preceded by hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of miles and experiences. And while I had hoped that this particular blog post would be written about my preparation for Boston, and be closely followed by my proverbial “Finish Line” (The Boston Marathon, itself) it seems my story is not yet finished. Neither is my journey. Thus, my blog shall also continue.

More miles, more experiences, more revelations.

More runs, more races, more successes and, inevitably, more failures.

More blood, more sweat, more tears; things which I have never come to regret.

More thoughts to be processed and the continued need to look for silver linings.

Renewal. Reaffirmation. Commitment to the plan. A willingness to prepare.

More strength of heart, body, and mind; all of which mold and strengthen one’s character.

More patience. More perseverance. More acceptance. More forgiveness. The fruits of a beautiful spirit.

One day my story will come full circle, as will my training. One day, through a culmination of immeasurable time spent training, I will be hard enough, strong enough, fast enough; I will be ready for Boston. (Even if I’m 92!)

No matter what it takes: early mornings, late nights, double workouts, and creative scheduling; the work will continue.

No matter how long it takes: weeks, months, years, even decades; I will not give up on my dream. 🦄

Someday. Somehow. Someway. I will get there.

Trust me…

…I will get there.

#ChasingBoston #ForTheLoveOfTheRun



**As always, thanks and credit to my friend, Tony Garcia, author of the words pictured above. You can still purchase one (or both!) of his incredible and inspiring written works on Amazon. (Clickable links below.)

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