“I’m Giving Up.”

I’m giving up…

Being my own worst enemy; telling myself I’m not enough – not good enough, strong enough, fast enough, smart enough, or brave enough.

I’m giving up…

Doubting my integrity and ability; wondering if I can, worrying that I can’t.

I’m giving up…

Pressuring myself to perform to anyone else’s standards but my own; at home, at work, in running, and in life. My best is my best at any level and, so long as I’m doing my best, it will always be “enough”.

I’m giving up…

Losing myself in the “noise” of this world; the millions of voices raising their volume with so many nonsensical and repetitive words but rarely having anything of value to actually say. To truly find myself I must quiet the noise, embrace the silence, and derive my strength from the only voice left speaking in the realm of my mind – my own.

I’m giving up…

Explaining myself to those who refuse to put themselves in anyone else’s shoes but their own. I’ve come to realize that communication is not the same as comprehension; you can talk all you want, but if the person listening is unable or unwilling to understand, it’s still just silent chaos.

I’m giving up…

Apologizing, explaining, or making excuses for who I am, what I do, or what I need in order to be the best version of me; only when I am the best of me, can I help you to honor and respect your own self enough to be the very best version of you.

I’m giving up…

Saying “I’m sorry” for saying “I’m busy” at times when I feel the need to be selfish with my time, my energy, and my attention; most often it is during these times of silence and isolation where I re-discover the motivation and strength I need to stand back up and be all that I am capable of.

I’m giving up…

Running full speed ahead; sometimes I simply need to slow down, perhaps even take a step back – “Focus on that which is closest at hand”, in order to allow LIFE to become perfectly clear.

I am certainly no quitter, but sometimes “giving up” is the greatest gift I can give myself; and sometimes it is exactly what I need to do in order to keep moving forward.

Therefore, right now, I’m giving up…

Telling myself it’s now or never; because the truth is, most everything in this life is temporary – the good and the bad. And in the end, when I am ready, my dream will still be here, patiently waiting for me to reach out and achieve it – but only when I am ready.

Until then, I’m giving up…

…on everything that tries to hold me down.

#ChasingBoston #ForTheLoveOfTheRun

2 thoughts on ““I’m Giving Up.”

    1. You’re so welcome Ryan. I feel your pain and I’m honored that my words and feeings speak to soothe your soul as well. We will get there one day – the both of us. And I hope to meet you on that Boyleston line! 💙💛


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