“From Grief to Gratitude.”

How do you learn to let go of a friend to whom you never got to say Goodbye?

It’s been a year and I swear I still see you sometimes – a passing face in a crowd or behind the wheel of a big gray truck driving down the road.

In my memories of the crazy calls we’ve run, the things we’ve seen and done, or the many times that I needed help – only to turn around and find you right there beside me.

In the quiet times – a classic movie on tv and the restless way you used to get up and walk out because “Quint needs to go pee”, only to realize it was really you who needed to leave, as E.T. was dying on the screen and you, yourself, were about to cry.😂

The crazy WTF questions and conversations we used to have at all hours of the night while working a 24 hour shift with too much caffeine and way too little sleep.🤪

Or the night I realized that you, too, are terrified of spiders and I wondered (for the first time ever) exactly WHO is going to come and save us now?!😳

I am just one of the many whose life was touched by you; and I am just one, of the many, who still feels this void without you here. You were a good man, a great friend, and the best partner. My memories with you are many – and I am so grateful to have them all.🙏🏼

How do you learn to let go of a friend to whom you never got to say Goodbye?

I do not know… with all of these good memories, I’d like to think that I never really have to.

What I do know is this – everytime I look into Quint’s eyes, I see YOU looking back at me; and so long as Quint is right here with me, so are YOU.

We miss you Matt-Man. We always will.

Rest easy, my friend. I’ve got Q.🐾

…once again, it’s not always about running; sometimes, it’s simply about LIFE.

#ChasingBoston #ForTheLoveOfTheRun

💙In honor and memory of my friend and former partner:

Matthew Aaron Douglass (July 30, 1969 ~ January 12, 2020)

One thought on ““From Grief to Gratitude.”

  1. Lovely post with meaningful memories of your time and experiences with Matt.  All the more poignant on this anniversary. Matt will live on in the memories of all he touched, and in the often unseen positive energy he sent out into the universe. Nice photo of you with Quint, mirroring the one at the beginning of the post.

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