“She said: I think I’ll go to Boston!”

“Sometimes, you find yourself ignited with magic within a moment that becomes a portal into something extraordinary.” – Naussica Twila

🦄It’s just out of your grasp but you can sense it all around.

A presence.

It could come through rock & roll or Sunday worship, but it is persistent after a long span of silence. It calls to you – beckons you to know that something expansive lives within you and that it wants to sing, it wants to dance. And maybe “singing” and “dancing” are something else entirely. Maybe it’s thoughts and feelings and being on the brink of wonder that doesn’t quite sink in. Instead, it spreads all around you, ignited by preachers or poets and rockstars and you find yourself swimming in the deep, feeling before you can think, and thinking thoughts like messages from beyond.

It is not bigger than you. It is you.

At this exact moment, just 10 days ago, I was standing in the exact place which has beckoned me for the better part of the past 10 years. This was a moment I had refused to indulge myself in, as I felt inadequate and unworthy. But this time, when the opportunity presented itself, I refused to let it slip away. The gravitational pull towards this particular moment in this particular place was simply too strong. In the magic of this moment, I felt a great shift within myself. A quiet confidence, a restlessness, an energy renewed.

I have not been the same since.

#ChasingBoston #ForTheLoveOfTheRun