“I Am Being Challenged.”

There are just 50 days left until I run Boston and I am being challenged.

26.2 miles is a tall order for someone who just logged their longest run in over two months… at just 4.11 miles!

As many of you already know, I am still recovering from injuries sustained from a skydiving crash landing this summer.

I have a fractured wrist, fractured T12 in my thoracic spine, and multiple other compression injuries in my back which are negatively impacting my ability to run long distances. I may not be able to tolerate running marathons anymore, which will obviously impact my ultimate dream of qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon someday.

Therefore, I am determined to run the Virtual Boston Marathon LIVE and in person on the official course on Sunday, October 10th (the day before the official 2021 Boston Marathon), as it might very well be my final marathon.

I did initially look into applying for a charity bib but am unable to commit to raising nearly $10,000+ and I refuse to ask for that kind of money from my friends or family. That being said, it has been two years TODAY since I joined Team RWB and, although I am not as active with the group as I would like to be, I attribute this community and the people in it for saving my life. Without them, I might never have recognized or acknowledged the things that I was going through as P.T.S.D..

In my mind, P.T.S.D. applied only to people with active or retired military experience – but those same people are the ones who made me realize that my nearly 20 years in EMS as a Paramedic was very much the same. It is because of them that I sought help – and because I received (and continue to receive) that help, I am alive and well today.

Therefore, I am dedicating this, my final marathon, to Team RWB. I am fully prepared to run this course alone but, truth be told, I am hoping that some of the Bostonian Eagles might choose to show up and support me along the way.

There are just 50 Days left until I run Boston and I am being challenged… but I welcome this challenge and I am looking forward to it!

#ChasingBoston #ForTheLoveOfTheRun

Thanks and credit to my friend, Tony Garcia – the author of these inspirational words.

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