“NetFlix And Chill.”

It occurred to me this morning, while speaking with a friend, that we don’t often talk about moments like this.

Moments when we turn down invitations, ignore calls and texts, put off our adult responsibilities and “to-do” lists in exchange for a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and a Saturday morning full of silence, sleep, or “NetFlix & Chill”. 🙃

But moments like these are so important.

These are the moments that help to keep us sane in a world that seems to have gone crazy. These are the moments that help us recharge our human “batteries” in a world that constantly seeks to drain them. These are the moments that we pour into ourselves rather than pouring ourselves into others.

I think that sometimes we don’t talk about these moments because we feel guilty for saying “No” to others. We feel selfish or lazy for not being productive and doing things that inarguably need done in exchange for doing nothing.
I feel these things too but, I assure you, that THIS is not doing “nothing”.

I have come to find, after traveling a long, hard road myself, that THESE MOMENTS are the ones that keep me active, engaged, and productive in all other areas and moments in my Life!

You, me, and so many other people like us want to, even in just some small way, help “save the world” …but what good are we at helping others if we can’t even take care of ourselves?

Rule #1 is any emergency situation is to make sure YOU, yourself, are okay – then, and only then, are you encouraged to reach out and help others.

💙Remember this.💙

#Life #BeyondTheBoylstonLine

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