“October 26th”

“You don’t know it yet, but one day you will reach a low you never knew existed and you will lose yourself. Getting yourself back again will be one of the hardest seasons of your life. But, spoiler alert! – you DO get yourself back, you DO make it in the end, and you become so much stronger. So, KEEP GOING! For all the times you hit bottom, there are a thousand times that prove you don’t belong there.”

– Stephanie Bennett-Henry

It has been four years since the beginning of the end for me – putting my faith in this world to do the right thing, believing that it all works out in the end, that the truth would be heard, and justice would prevail. But the truth is, this world is not just, it’s not fair, and “truth” is just an illusion that blurs its lines in the minds of those who choose to lie, conceal critical details, and erase evidence in an effort to write an opposing version of the same story.

The choice was mine – and I chose to give my power to those whom I thought I could trust. In the end, I lost more than just my faith – I lost myself… and it’s been one hell of a journey towards getting ME back – but I did. I made it. And I’ve learned some valuable lessons about faith, trust, karma, and the power of our own minds in regards to holding us captive or setting us free.

Not all burdens are yours to carry.
Be wise in deciding which ones you choose to pick up – and be even more diligent when deciding, at what point, you need to simply put them back down.💙

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