“Do The F*ck*ng Work!”

Let me tell you about my sister.

She is literally one of the most incredible people I know! Just look at what she has done for herself over the course of this past year!

She has not only changed the way that she eats – but also the way that she views food, nutrition, health and, most importantly, her SELF as a human being! She has completely overhauled her life and dropped the weight of nearly another human being from her body – 100+ lbs all in just the past year! Not to mention, she is a wife, mother of 4, AND she works 5 days a week… so make no excuses – because she sure as hell doesn’t!

I can not even begin to tell the world how very proud of her that I am or how much I admire her! If you take away nothing more from this post, I hope that it is this:


…but you have got to be willing to:


Don’t wait till Monday, or New Year’s Day, or when you get back from your next vacation.

Do it NOW!

…because “tomorrow” never comes.

…because “someday” is where dreams go to die.

…because illness, injury, and unforeseen occurrence befall us all and the only way to go far in Life is to do our best NOW to prevent any of “that stuff” from stopping us short.

Do it because you’re worth it.

…because you deserve it.

…because your family and your friends need you.

And they love you.

Do it because you love them.

…because love yourself.

As you should.

You’re the only YOU this world has got. And little by little, a little becomes a lot!

There – in the words of my friend, Tony:

“You’ve just been pep talked! Now, GO GET TODAY!”

– Tony Garcia

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