“It Is What It Is.”

– J.M. Storm

I am learning to normalize not knowing what’s next, as well as, to stop questioning the past or attempting to visualize the future.

It’s okay to simply let things be what they are – even if they’re sad, painful, or confusing.

We can’t fix everything all at once… or sometimes, even at all.

What I’m realizing now, as I mature emotionally, is that I am still worthy – even when I’m hurting. I can still be confident – even when I’m unsure. I can still be peaceful – even when I’m pissed off. And I can still move forward – even when my emotions are in limbo or some issues are left unresolved.

Healing is not a linear process. I am becoming more okay with that.

There are many things that I will grieve forever. There are many things I want to fix, but can’t. And there will be many more occasions where sh*t will just suck and I’ll have to sit with all the feelings that arise, as a result.

Being human is so complex and can be very difficult at times. I know this. There aren’t enough affirmations in the world to make this fact not true. Yet still, I am working on not allowing myself to become hardened by Life when the going gets tough. Giving myself permission to simply not know and be okay with that can be a challenge – but I am committed to giving myself grace when I need it, and the space to fall apart when I need to.

I’m not sure who else may need this message today but, if it’s you, just know that you are not alone. And before you let the chaos in your mind convince you that it’s all just too much, I ask you to close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Sometimes things just are what they are and there’s nothing you can do about it. You won’t always be able to fix things. You can never go back and change the past… but you are not responsible for anybody else or the way that they choose to react.

You may grieve a loss for a lifetime, but you will never lose the memory of what was, even if it can never be the same again. This can be a good thing.

You are not “less than” for not having it all figured out, and it is completely okay to not know what’s coming next. The beauty in uncertainty is that it makes anything a possibility!

“It is what it is.

It can never be anything else.”

– Dr. Michael A. Dunne

There is comfort in this fact. And when you come to realize its absolute truth, peace of mind will inevitably follow.


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