“Nothing Lasts Forever.”

“Tragedies will always be found in the things we love. And if we are not willing to see the beauty in losing something that means the world to us, then imagine how terrible it will be to live for them.
We must always welcome the end of all things. for sometimes, knowing nothing lasts forever, is the only way we can learn to fall in love with all the moments and all the people that are meant to take our breath away.”

r.m. drake
Me & My Dad, (1980-something) – Ocean City, Maryland,

My Dad would have turned 70 today.

Funny how, some things, the mind just never forgets.

Like the strength of his presence when standing beside me, the way he looked at and fiercly protected my daughter, and how gently he loved my mom.

This man taught me so many things!
He gifted me with the ability to write, he taught me to read and instilled in me a love of books.
He encouraged me to run, taught me to drive, and cultivated the “extrovert” to my naturally introverted personality with a passion for fun, exhilarating experiences, as well as, a deep appreciation for quiet moments and the natural beauty of this world… not to mention, the therapeutic value of cranking up the volume on some really good music!

We didn’t always see eye to eye and our stubbornness could, at times, set us as far apart as two complete strangers. If I’m being honest, I don’t think he ever forgave me for growing up. He wanted his daughters to stay little forever. But then I had my own daughter, and I will never forget the way he looked at her – like a man who just received the chance to live life all over again!

Through the years, my dad taught me so many things… but the greatest lesson of all has been to never take one single moment for granted because, before you know it – just like that, it is gone.

In honor and memory of my father:

Bryan Lewis Hudson

(February 20th, 1952 – October 26th, 2017)


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