“Marital Secrets.”

I don’t often speak up or write about my marriage. I prefer to keep the most sacred things in my life private. But, through the years, after bearing witness to so many of our own friends’ marriages and/or longterm relationships falling apart, we tend to take notice of what it is that we do differently in order to stay together, living out our own version of “happily ever after”.

One of our most important “secrets” is really quite simple: NEVER STOP DATING THE PERSON YOU’VE MARRIED!

Nearly 20 years ago, my Honey and I had our first “official” date.

THE EAGLES, “Farewell Tour” – 10/11/2003
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In casual conversations and occasional car rides together, Rick had learned of my love of music – particularly 1970’s classic rock bands like The Rolling Stones and The Eagles. So, when The Eagles announced their “Farewell Tour 2003”, my heart sank.

I was a single mother at the time, new to navigating life alone. I was working several jobs for 4 different employers while attending school 3 nights per week and, truth be told, the $300 spent on this pair of tickets was literally 10x the amount of money I had in my bank account at the time.

But Rick knew that I loved The Eagles and, while I honestly never thought I would actually get to see them perform Live, in concert – he surprised me by making it happen!

This year (nearly two decades later!) as The Eagles “Hotel California” tour made its way through Pittsburgh, he did it again!

THE EAGLES, “Hotel California” tour – 3/26/2022, Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

This is not to say that a happy marriage is dependent upon expensive gifts or elaborate experiences – but rather, in continuing to value each other enough to listen, learn, strive to understand, and never stop looking for ways to show your love.

Once again, in our marriage, that translates into this one very simple, but very important, “secret”:


My Honey & I – The Eagles “Hotel California” Tour, 3/26/2022


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