“Extraordinary Mediocrity.”

“In Life, it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with.”

– Charles Schulz
Cancun, Mexico – March 2022

I used to believe my worth as a human being was dependent upon doing extraordinary things, heroic things – like saving the world, one ill, injured, or otherwise needful person at a time.

I was the first in my family to pursue any amount of education after high school, and I was one of just 5 females to successfully establish herself as a fulltime Paramedic at the time, working for a local Ambulance service with a hundred or so employees. I felt pride when I put on that uniform. I felt important when I clocked in at work. I felt needed when I was called upon to perform according to my skill-set. I felt validated when we saved a person’s life. I felt like a rock when I held my patient’s hand, like a badass when I could make them laugh, and a fierce protector when I argued on behalf of those too weak to stand up for themselves. Through the years, I grew into my profession so much that I inherently came to associate it as my entire identity… and I lost touch with who I really am.

Three years ago, I decided to make a change. I stepped away from that ambulance, out of that uniform of steel toed boots and blues, and into unfamiliar territory.

It makes sense that, at first, I felt completely lost and totally unsure. I questioned everybody, everything, and had the most difficult time learning to let my guard down and trust the new people in my life – but, as with all things, time reveals all.

I now know that my worth as a human being has absolutely nothing to do with a job title, education, skill-set or pay grade – but rather, everything to do with simply being human!

I recently took a trip to Mexico with a good friend and co-worker of mine. While we were there, we met several other interesting people from all different countries, professions, and walks of life. As always, I was enamored by their names, faces, stories, and friendships… the way they interact with each other, as well as, others whom they were also meeting for the first time. As I was returning to the pool with another round of rum drinks, I overheard my friend talking about me: “She is the most incredible human being I have ever met. She’s literally one of my best friends! She’s taught me so much about life and what it really means to pay attention and live – right here, right now, in this very moment, and I am so grateful to have her in my life.”

I handed out the drinks and floated away… staring out at that beautiful, ombré Carribean Sea. If ever I thought I’d lost my purpose in Life, I knew, in this exact moment, that it had found me once again.

Charles Schulz was right – when it comes to Life, it’s not where you go that matters, it’s who you choose to travel with and the experiences you get to share all along the way.

Sandos Cancun, Mexico – April 3, 2022


One thought on ““Extraordinary Mediocrity.”

  1. Aubrey – this is absolutely beautiful! I feel so fortunate to have met you along our travels and having the opportunity to get to know you, even if it was only for a short time!

    Keep living live in every moment and to the fullest – what an inspiration!

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