“Forward Moving Progress.”

You don’t need to be extreme – just CONSISTENT.

I can not even begin to count how many times Shep has told me this – just know that it is a lot! But today’s run is proof of this truth.

Since sustaining multiple spinal fractures in a skydiving accident last summer, running has not been easy for me. Some days I feel good and can run fast. Some days I feel bad and walking is the best that I can do. Most days are a minute-by-minute, ever-changing mixture of both.

It is what it is though and, when it comes right down to it, I am just happy that I am still able to run at all… but a part of me will always be hoping for more.

Today was an exceptionally good day. I started off walking, then eased into an easy run. As I shuffled along, the cramping in my back eased up and, as I picked up the pace, the aching in my right hip subsided. In anticipation of this upcoming weekend’s Pittsburgh Half Marathon, I decided to strap on my watch and time myself with a 5K test run. I listened to my body and found the most comfortable pace but, halfway through, I began to realize that I could potentially run it in under 25 minutes – something that I have not been able to do since sustaining these injuries. This is when I began to push – and, therefore, succeeded.

I have done nothing spectacular as far as training goes. I simply show up, day after day, and see what I can do. Long or short, fast or slow – the distance and speed no longer matter to me. What matters is that, every day, I keep moving forward.

I may not be running full marathons anymore or even any new PR’s, but I can still kick out a respectable 5K finish and this gives me great hope for my running future!


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