“Love That Man!”

Lifelong commitment is not what most people think it is. It’s not waking up every morning to make breakfast and sip coffee together. It’s not cuddling in bed every night until the both of you fall asleep. It’s not always a clean home filled with laughter and love making everyday.

It’s someone who steals the covers and snores. It’s slammed doors and a few harsh words at times. It’s stubbornly disagreeing and giving each other the silent treatment until your hearts heal – and then forgiveness.

It’s coming home to the same person every day that loves you and cares about you in spite of, and because of, who you are.

Its laughing about that one time you did something really stupid – and vowing to never do it again. It’s dirty laundry and unmade beds. It’s helping each other with the hard work of life. It’s swallowing your nagging words instead of saying them out loud. It’s eating the easiest meal you can make and sitting down together at a late hour because BOTH of you had a crazy day.

It’s when you have an emotional breakdown and your love lays down with you, holds you, and tells you that everything is going to be alright – and you believe them. It’s loving them even when they’re driving you absolutely crazy and especially when they are acting like their most “unlovable” self.

Loving someone forever isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s really hard. But it is amazing and comforting, and one of the best things you will ever experience in your entire lifetime!

So, if you’re lucky enough to have already found that man… don’t waste any more precious time. LOVE HIM!

He’s not perfect. Neither are you. And the two of you will never always be perfect together. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, admits to being human and making mistakes, holds your hand and kisses your forehead, LOVE THAT MAN – and give him the best that you can.

Maybe he can’t quote you any poetry, and he’s not going to be thinking about you every minute of every day, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than what he can give. Don’t over analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, tell him when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there.

Love hard while there is love to be had and live it up for as long as it lasts, because no love is absolutely perfect, but this kind of love is absolutely perfect for you.

I promise to help you love life, to find excitement and passion in every adventure. To hold you with tenderness and have the patience that love demands. To speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not. To agree to disagree on the best kind of cheesecake, and live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.♥️


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