“Don’t Wait!”

“I woke up one day and realized that I could do better. I could create a life that I love, travel more if I wanted it bad enough, take control of my health, and find weird and wonderful friends to go on adventures with. I started walking toward that truth and I never looked back.”

– Brooke Hampton

Three years ago, my life was completely different. I had hit rock bottom, personally and professionally.

I could have chosen to remain stuck there, drowning in grief, blindsided by PTSD, and succumbing to complete and utter professional burn out – but I knew that I deserved better. I knew that I was capable of more. I chose to step forward from that place and, once I did, I never looked back.

Was is scary? Of course!

Was it uncomfortable? Absolutely!

Change is almost always scary, and growth is most definitely uncomfortable. Both are time consuming processes and results do not happen overnight. You’ve got to put in the time. You’ve got to do the work. But, when the metamorphosis begins, you’ll be so thankful that you did.

If this resonates with you, even just a little bit – what exactly are you waiting for?

Just three years after completely changing my own, I can find no better words to describe the urgency in pursuing a better life for yourself than by quoting my friend, Tony Garcia, in a piece that he’s already perfectly written:

“Don’t wait…

…until you’re older or bolder or told you can.

…until you’re ready or unafraid or completely certain.

…until tomorrow comes or the time is right or you have it all figured out.

…until a door opens or a door closes or a door finally appears.

Don’t wait…

…to write your book, to write your song, to write your love letter.

…to take the trip, to take the leap, to take the day off.

…to quit the job that doesn’t work, to quit the art of procrastinating, to quit the doubting of yourself.

…to launch your business, to launch your product, to launch yourself.

Don’t wait…

…to speak your apology, to speak your gratitude, to speak your I love you.

…to chase the clouds, to chase the storm, to chase the dream.

…to create your masterpiece, to create your vision, to create your life.

…to spread a little hope, to spread a little kindness, to spread a little love.

Don’t wait…

…to do something epic, to do something impossible, to do something memorable.

…to dance with wild abandon, to dance with your love, to dance with the wind.

…to use the good dishes, to use the good linens, to use the good within you.

…to start climbing, to start flying, to start living.

Don’t wait…

…for life is short and fragile and finite.

…and before you know it, most of it is behind you. Because you can’t put time on hold.

…yet, so many live their life in a constant holding pattern.

…simply waiting.

Don’t wait.”

If this resonates with you, the time is NOW.

Don’t wait anymore.


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