“The Ultimate Friendships.”

I don’t have any magic to give you. I’m here to lead you back to a place where you can remember your own… because that’s what friends are for!🤍

I’ve got a thing for the type of people who are undeniably themselves.

The ones who offer up their friendship with no strings attached, no hidden agendas – no tit for tat, no this for that. The friendships formed simply for companionship and camaraderie. The people who exude sunshine and grace, silver linings amidst the intermittent storm clouds of Life.

The ones who have nothing to gain from loving you and, with whom, you can be your most authentic self – no brave facade facing the world, no explanation or justification.

The ones too busy loving you to ever find time to judge you – who help repair whatever is broken, heal whatever hurts and never hold anything against you. The ones capable of patiently acknowledging the simple fact that human imperfection plagues us all – not a single one of us has walked a completely blameless, straight and narrow path, free of shortcomings and mistakes.

The ones you can be silly with, completely real with – raw, uncensored and unfiltered. The ones who are always up for an adventure – who, regardless of their age, refuse to ever grow old. They innately know how to navigate life intentionally, while never taking anything too seriously.

The ones who will rise up in the morning, with no incessant need or desire for “productivity”, and sip coffee while watching the sun rise. The ones who appreciate the metaphorical beauty of every sunset, whether pristine or a random mixture of chaotic colors. The ones who marvel at the stars, admiring their ability to shine brightly against a sky full of darkness.

The ones who stand by your side, steadfast and strong, as you observe and question this world, all of its happenings and life experiences along the way. The ones who help you reason your way through them, knowing that neither one of you will ever truly know the WHY behind any of it – because the most definitive answers are almost always, ultimately, out of this world. Still, they speculate with you, the best that they can, understanding that interpretation is always subject to our own personal perceptions.

The ones who see in color and feel vibrations, who trust their gut and encourage you to always trust yours – the sixth sense that is rarely ever wrong.

The ones with whom you can talk incessantly about all the magical and mundane details of Life – or share in the comfort and simplicity of mutual silence, knowing that not every detail requires discussion and not every topic is deserving of speech.

I’ve got a thing for these types of people – the ones who are unapologetically themselves. The ones with messy hair and even messier souls, who wear their hearts on their sleeves and have passion in their tears. The ones with poetry in their heart and song lyrics running through their brain.

The ones who laugh at their own jokes and rejoice in their own success. The people who fight for what they believe in and never let their spirit settle. The kind of people who have the strength to remain soft, yet let their fire burn hard. The ones who possess the mysterious ability to sense precisely what is stuck or wounded in you, who often appear unexpectedly, with uncanny timing and, through the energy of their presence, restore your spirit and leave the world feeling alive and remarkable once more.

The ones you love for all the “right” reasons… as well as the ones you love “just because”. The ones you can not describe with words because their aura is so vast that it can not be contained. These kinds of people do not arrive accidentally; they bring with them a particular gift and illumination.

These are the kind of people I fall in love with. These are the kind of people I want in my life. These are the people who become my friends.


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