“The Way Forward.”

On a very deep level, I am finding that I reject the notion that we must always remain in a constant state of doing. We have such serious focus in the spiritual community around the need to heal. We spend so much time in a constant consciousness of:

  • “I’m not there yet”
  • “I’m working on myself”
  • “Who I am, is broken”

This “awareness” continually keeps us seeking rather than accepting. Rather than loving ourselves, we pick ourselves apart. We become consumed with all the work we still have yet to do, rather than acknowledging our quirky bad ass selves and appreciating every little thing that we already are.

Those committed to personal growth will always remain cognizant and continually strive to improve – but do not let this admirable desire to pursue personal growth, in fact, become your affliction. Release this iron grip that you’ve placed upon yourself and the expectation that you must remain in a constant state of motion, always striving to become more or better or different. Sometimes you just need to relax and appreciate the hard things you’ve already accomplished, as well as your willingness to continue on in your spiritual journey. How can one ever maintain or enjoy a state of inner peace if they are in a constant state of unrest, plagued by this incessant desire to do more and be more?

Pause for a moment, breathe, and just BE.

Trust me, a person who has been on this path does not become more selfish or self centered as we integrate. On the contrary, when we relax and learn to love and accept ourselves in all our flaws, we soften – we allow ourselves and, therefore, in turn, allow each other. Afterall, love is what actually heals us – not necessarily noticing every single thing that we think is wrong with us or behaviors that require work for us to unlearn. In this way, the idea of “healing” is, in fact, a form of separation – an idea that you need to be something that you currently are not, and this continually pushes away consciousness for present wholeness.

This isn’t to highlight or diminish the actual experience of gathering the pieces of your heart through a healing process but eventually, on this path, you will get to a place of enough – when you’ve had ENOUGH of healing and you decide, instead, to simply accept and love exactly who, what, where, and how you already are.

How about – let’s heal the idea that “healing” is even needed? And, instead , move into and through this paradigm by celebrating the F*ck out of everything – because celebrating your incredible self, as you already are, really is THE WAY FORWARD!


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