“Uncertain Truth.”

“Trust those who search for truth – but be leery of those who claim to have found it.”

André Gide

Whenever I hear anyone speak with unwavering conviction that they are absolutely right about something, I immediately take whatever they say with a huge grain of salt because they have clearly left no room for the possibility that others with an opposing perspective or experience could also be right.

Much like science, the only thing I know for certain is that l don’t know anything for certain – because everything is subject to time, place, and circumstance. And, considering that most people’s mental health is often left undiagnosed, someone else’s reality is just as real to them as mine is to me; calling them delusional is shortsighted at best, and downright offensive at its worst.

So, I tend to trust those who ask questions, not those who give answers – unless their answer begins with “Maybe…” or “Perhaps…”, and then we’re good.

I often pause and ask myself, “Is this person asking me to think for myself or are they trying to tell me what to think?” – I don’t trust the latter.


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