“The End.”

Clarity always comes at the end… and, ultimately, at the end of our lives, if given the opportunity, we will undoubtedly look back with pride or regret at how we chose to live.

The end always brings clarity. It also brings finality. When the course is over, so is our opportunity.

Unfortunately, most of our lives are not lived with that sense of finality. As a result, we live many days with the assumption that “we can always do it later” or “there is time to change tomorrow”. And because we don’t believe we are at the end, we are less forced to look back and evaluate the trajectory of our lives and the decisions we make.

Urgency is difficult to manufacture, but I believe this principle holds opportunity if we allow it.

The “end” of life’s major milestones are infrequent – for example, the end of an athletic season, the end of a career, the end of a parenting stage, or the end of life… but every day provides opportunity for evaluation.

Every time I interact with my daughter, I can look back to evaluate if I was an intentional parent.

Every time I say good-night to Rick, I can evaluate if I was a faithful, loving spouse.

Every time I end the workday, I can evaluate if I gave my best to my work.

Every time I part ways with my friends, I can evaluate if I was 100% in the moment with them.

Even with the internet – every time I close a social media app on my phone, I can evaluate if I used the time and conversation in a healthy, productive and meaningful way.

Clarity comes at the end… perhaps we need to recognize the significance of this more often?


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