“Space to Grow.”

“Just about anything will grow inside – fear, hate, indifference, love – and it all comes down to what you’re comfortable giving space to.”


We don’t always think of it that way, but it really does come down to what we give space to grow.

In a world that’s always rushing around, I choose to take my time. No one ever gets anywhere worthy of going, by putting everyone else behind.

In a world that stresses “all or nothing”, I choose to give my best. It varies day by day – sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less.

In a world that challenges everyone to keep up – the newest this, the latest that, constantly seeking to compare, I stopped stressing and stopped struggling, trying to establish myself there.

Instead of dwelling on the things I can not do, I choose to focus on that which I can. In deciding what’s worthy of investing my time, I search my soul, then formulate a plan.

I stopped engaging with the voice of my innermost critic, and made the conscious decision to believe. In circles festering with negativity, I simply choose to leave.

In a world where “misery loves company”, I’d rather walk alone. The only ones who walk beside me are the friends who feel like home.

I stopped going where I wasn’t invited, stopped spending time where there’s never any love. In a world where it’s “common” to dim someone’s shine, I hope you, too, can rise above.

In a world that tries to dictate what’s important, I decide what’s important to me. In a world where people are enslaved to their jobs, I insist on being free.

In a world that expects you to fit inside their box, I refuse to make myself small. The interests of a few “higher ups” should never trump the well being of all.

A world that finds pleasure in taking offense, subsequently harbors hate. I choose to process through my emotions, seek to understand, and then to relate. Sometimes the walls we build to “protect” ourselves become like prisons in our own minds. If we work hard to break down these barriers, it’s often peace that we shall find.

In a world that tries to control so much – from what you do, to what you say, the best thing I ever did for myself was choose to go my own way.

We are all unfolding stories. We are under no obligation to remain the same. In a world that seeks to validate everything, the best thing I ever did was decide to change.


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