“Emotional Magic!”

“Thoughts generate emotions, emotions influence the way we experience the world around us. How we handle our emotions
determines the lives we live.”

Nansia Movidi

Most people have no idea how to identify, let alone work with, their emotions.

Emotions are signals, kind of like the indicator lights on your car. You can use emotions that come up as tools and instruments that enable you to learn something about your body and your mind. To learn where something is scraping or scruffing, like sandpaper. The emotional signal is an indicator of an imbalance, pulling at you here.

Stop for a moment.



It always starts with WHY.

WHY do I feel this way about this? Or that? Or them? Or this whole situation?

That’s when you find the next part, like a magician pulling a handkerchief out of a magic hat, and then another, and another, and another… until you finally come to realize a core belief that you’ve adopted. Or you realize that you’ve been trying to control things outside of you. Or you discover a thought that’s not aligning with your spirit. And by uncovering the root cause of these emotions, finding clarity for what was formerly unknown, you can now begin to adress it, calling it by its name, and finally begin to heal it.

VOILÀ! …issue resolved!

This process provides space between you and your emotions. Discovering the actual issue brings clarity and, by actually addressing the issue, confidence and strength.

You don’t have to suffer beneath heavy emotions.
You can use them to optimize your body and your mind to serve you, for the betterment of yourself and, in turn, all whom you love.

The more you practice this, the more it becomes like second nature.


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