“Pieces of Her, Left Behind.”

My Mama & her “Midnight”

Someone just told me that today, August 17th, is #NationalBlackCatAppreciationDay .

Never did I ever know this was a “thing” but, as it echoes in mind, creating thoughts and stirring up memories, I have decided to indulge this day with a story.

On October 26th 2017, after being notified of the fatal crash that took both my parents lives, we traveled to the scene and then on to my parents home in the hills of Ohio, attempting to make some sense out of the chaos.

All alone inside their house, we discovered this bright eyed beauty, cowering beneath a bed – confused about who we were and what we were doing in his home.

“Where’s my Mama?”, he seemed to cry out; and my heart ached with the same confusion, broken open by the knowledge of the truth.

We coaxed him out, cuddled him, and brought him back home with us that night.

I’ll admit it right now, I did not want him. I immediately asked my husband to find someone to take him, somewhere else that he could go.

I was repulsed by the thought of a constant being in our house, every single day, reminding me of all that I have lost. But, as the days went on and the difficult funeral & burial decisions were made, his gentle spirit comforted me… and I could no longer let him go. I needed him here just as much as he needed me to let him stay.

Now, here we are, nearly 5 years later, and I find myself wondering if he was ever this happy all by himself in my parents home?

He has a dog to disturb and 3 cats to harass. He cuddles my husband every night and refuses to be ignored – he will make you love him, whether you want to or not, and I admire his tenacity!

It was a dark and tragic moment that brought us both together… but he has bounced back with ferocious resiliency and reminds me every single day that, while your whole world can come crashing down around you, it can not keep you down unless you let it.

Happiness is a CHOICE… and the choice is always yours!


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