“The Tale of Two Flip Flops”

“It’s amazing what the hard times can reveal, who shows up, who walks away, and who’s for real.”

SHINEDOWN, “Daylight”

It was a Saturday in September when things began to change. It was a Sunday in September when I realized that they would never be the same.

If these flip flops could talk, they’d have some stories to tell! They’d tell of love and loss, agony and defeat. They’d speak of beautiful sunrises, friendships, and adventures – moments that I wish could have lasted forever.

They’d tell you of all the fears that I have faced, and one particular journey into a deep, dark, lonely place.

They’d speak of holding on, as well as, letting go – outlooks and outtakes, emotions that sway our perceptions to and fro.

From monumental experiences to monumental mistakes, moments of enlightenment, as well as, deep regret; these flip flops have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly – the most tumultuous three years of my life. But there are epiphanies to be found in pain, metamorphosis to be made amongst the memories, and great strength to be gained through conscientious change.

It was a Sunday in September, of which there are only four. And, on this particular September Sunday, I realized that I was capable of, and deserving of, so much more.


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