“Riding the Waves and Climbing the Mountains.”

The Mohonk Preserve,
Shawangunk Mountains, New York.

It’s been two months since my spinal surgery – a total of 16 months since the actual accident that caused my injuries. Physical therapy and disc regeneration treatments continue to consume my days. I am beginning to notice significant progress in strength, flexibility and mobility, but it is a lengthy process and I am still riding the waves of good days and bad.

TODAY, however, held a monumental win in my life, as a friend and I traveled to an area just south of the Catskill Mountains in New York and treated ourselves to a day of hiking and rock climbing. We trekked across miles and miles of trails, enveloping ourselves in the celebratory colors of fall, and experienced the victory of cresting several peaks that host the most glorious of views.

Mohonk Mountain House – New Paltz, New York

It was a breathtaking experience, and encouraging all at once – a much needed break from the sterility of Doctor’s offices and medical equipment.

Just two months ago, I was struggling to walk for 30 minutes on flat ground… but today I was able to hike and climb for 6+ hours through the Mohonk Preserve!

Amidst the months of spine surgery, disc regeneration and physical therapy, all these treatments have become quite intense – but the progress being made is already proving to be immense. This moment of realization brings me a renewed sense of strength and the highest of hopes for the months to come!

➡️There’s nowhere else to go but up!⬆️


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