“Mid-Week Adventures.”

“You can recover from loss, from heartache, from anything that squeezes your soul with iron fists. Find the softer things. Things like plants and sweet people and slow burning candles and long walks and moving water. Wrap them around you. Repeat as necessary.”

Victoria Erickson, “Rhythms & Roads”
Sunrise at Archery Field Overlook –
Letchworth State Park, New York

Taking the time for a mid-week adventure feels a lot like playing hooky from school when we were kids. I think that’s why I like it so much.

In times like these, when stress is not just mental, but physical and emotional as well, I need these adventures and experiences to break up my spiraling thoughts. I need beauty and light and the peace and quiet that nature brings.

We all seem small when we stand beside an ocean. And everything seems less significant when you’re looking at the world from the top of a mountain. None of us ever have total control. I like to be reminded of that. It takes a lot of the pressure off – to be anything bigger, better, different, or more than simply ME.

As my recovery process continues, I’m still riding the waves of good days and bad – but it’s finally looking like there may be more mountaintops than valleys just ahead. And that’s enough to keep me going, keep me inspired, and keep me moving right along!


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