“Quint Douglass.”

October 2022

My name is Quint – but you can call me Q.

I’m a big, fluffy English Lab with bright eyes and a gentle heart. My tail wags like the wand of death, and I can clear a room with just one fart.

I like going for walks, swimming in creeks, fetching my BOB, and smelling (and peeing!) on all the things.

I like getting hugs and giving kisses. I love drinking lots of water and getting butt “scritches”!

I like watching squirrels jump through the trees and chasing stray cats away from our yard. I can sleep anywhere, on any floor – it doesn’t matter how hard!

I like long car rides and sunny days when we take the top off the Jeep. I like crinkle toys and bright colored fluffy ones – especially the ones that squeak!

Nubz are my favorite treat, so I get them every day… because Mama says I’m “such a good boy” and she can’t say “No” when I look at her “that way”.

I like staying up late on Saturday nights, then sleeping in and snuggling on Sunday mornings.

I like laying on the porch while Mama sips her coffee – or stretching out in the grass, with the sun shining down upon me.

My body may be 11 years old, but my mind believes I’m only 5! Each day is filled with excitement and adventure. I’m so happy to be alive!

I like wrestling with Rick and going “to see Daisy”. I look forward to each summer, ‘cuz that’s when I get to see Amy!

Sometimes I won’t eat my food, unless you hand feed me. And the sounds of fireworks, gun shots, or the smoke detector going off really scares me!

The hard truth is, I’m getting really old. I struggle to get up from bed, and sometimes my hips just won’t hold.

When life becomes too painful for me, I am confident that my humans will know what to do. We’ve all been through it before… and I sat with RunRun too.

I know it won’t be easy for them and I know that I’ll be missed – but I know that Matt is waiting for me, on the other side of that rainbow bridge.

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