“Forever, For Always, and No Matter What!”

“When you find beautiful depth with someone, nothing else will ever do. Nothing else will ever be good enough. Because you have been awakened to the fact that mere moments in the abyss holds more intimacy than years on the surface. And once you become conscious to that, there is no going back to sleep. Once you have experienced the deep, shallow will no longer be good enough.”

“We come from humble families, old houses, and small towns with sad stories. We are not hustling to impress or be in any competition with anyone, we just want to change the storyline and fight battles our parents never won.”

In a world full of maybes, there are very few people who you can count on to be your always. Once in a lifetime friendships that journey with you to the end. Those rare souls who never quiet your wild or run from your storms. Those constant companions through the peaks and the valleys, the highs and lows.

The ones who see your valleys and not only choose to stay, but choose to walk the paths of uncertainty beside you. The ones who laugh with you under the sun and love you through the darkness.

The ones who see the best within you and help lift you to new heights because they know that there are mountains inside of you, just waiting to arise. The hearts that remind you that you’ll never be alone. The kind of friendships that lead you home.

To my forever kind of friends, THANK YOU for making every moment worth remembering – the laughs, the cries, and everything in between. Life is full of ups and downs, but you will never stop being my forever, for always, and no matter what!


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