“The Most Powerful Thing.”

“Sometimes the changes you fear the most and the losses that hit you the hardest help you find peace, strength, and joy like you’ve never imagined possible.”

Lori Deschene
“My peace is the most powerful thing I own.”
– Stacie Martin

I used to be my own drug dealer – of misery. My brain produced a cocktail of chemistry every time I felt shitty and I became hooked on it, an addict for years.

Self awareness really is the key to unlocking so much and, once I became aware of this, I began the work of switching out my debilitating dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and actions, for new ones. Ones that would eventually, over time, produce a cocktail of chemistry in my brain that would serve the greater good of my being better. It’s taken years of practice, but now my body feels peacefully worn out by the end of the day, rather than stressfully exhausted. My thoughts don’t race back and forth between the past and the future anymore, but rather, keep pace, steadily walking in the present moment. My feelings are no longer live wires ready to spark the moment I become triggered, but are now connected, grounded, and peaceful.

The universe is constantly asking us if we’re ready to stop engaging with our old habits and enter into a parallel life – one where we begin to fill in the gaps between the things that happen and how we choose to respond to them. Each time we are faced with such a scenario, we are being called upon to ask ourselves: “How can I react differently this time?”. The answer (which WE get to decide) could change absolutely everything!

My will to change became stronger than my fear of change, and that’s what led me to the healing power of giving up the things that kept me the same, in exchange for the things that have ultimately made me so much better.


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