“Give Yourself Permission.”

“Just like moons and like suns, with the certainty of tides. Just like hopes springing high, still I’ll rise.”
— Maya Angelou, “Still I Rise”

Give yourself permission. To stop. To quit. To shake it all off and simply walk away. From any job, any goal, any person, or any situation that no longer suits you or serves the greater good of your overall life.

Give yourself permission. To change your mind. To change direction. To turn your energy and attention elsewhere. To “tone it down a notch” while still pursuing that “next level”. Not every goal you set for yourself is best for you to continue – and all the others will rarely require you to maintain such a break neck pace.

Give yourself permission. To turn off all outside “noise”, and turn your focus inward. To be a little bit selfish. To choose yourself over any other person, place, or thing. You can not pour from an empty cup – so, go ahead, let go of anyone or anything that compromises your inner peace, imposes upon your personal boundaries, or depletes your soul of positive energy.

Give yourself permission. To let go of the past, and anything you can not change. To leave behind your guilt, and let go of your self-doubt. To move steadily forward, taking only the lessons with you.

Give yourself permission. To silence your mind and listen to your heart. To trust your instincts and always go with your gut.

Give yourself permission. To try, “just one more time”. To give a second chance. To offer up forgiveness, and give a little grace.

Give yourself permission. To take a little breather. To give yourself a break. Take a “moment” for yourself… even if it lasts all year.

Give yourself permission. To refrain from writing that reminder. To put down that pen or pencil, and leave that To-Do List undone.

Give yourself permission. To “silence your cell phone now”. To refuse to answer when it rings. To unplug, unwind, completely detaching the invisible strings. Disconnecting from the world around you is one of the best ways to reconnect with those who are actually with you.

Give yourself permission. To leave that message on read… or even completely unread. To choose how you will respond… or if, and when, you even want to?

Give yourself permission. To stand your ground. To refuse to bend. To remind yourself that personal boundaries are important, and the people who really matter are the ones who will rise up to meet them.

Give yourself permission. To choose your friends wisely. To disappoint some people, while going out of your way for others. The most expensive gift you can ever give a person is that of your own time.

Give yourself permission. To exercise patience. To take your time, and always be kind. Even the tallest mountain is climbed by taking just one small step at a time.

You are capable of anything, and can achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of… but only if you learn how – to give yourself permission.


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