“Just Because.”

“The purpose or meaning of life only comes into question when one isn’t living, which indirectly answers the question.”

– @FindTheOthers

The downfall of a personality like mine is that my mind is always looking for a pattern – the deeper meaning just below the surface, a never ending spiral of questions with no definitive answers… the constant pursuit of the ever elusive answer to WHY. And it occurred to me that so many others are just as committed to avoiding this topic – choosing to, instead, fill the gaps within themselves and their human existence with anything and everything that could possibly fill the void. I think it’s safe to say that fast-living has become the norm, that hustle culture has won, and that “being busy” has become our default mode of existence. I think it’s also safe to admit that levels of stress, anxiety and burnout are at an all-time high – and are not decreasing any time soon. Frankly, we’re spreading ourselves too thin.

Don’t get me wrong, speed can be fun (and sexy!) if we’re talking about the kind that happens while running out on the roads, or on a trail, at a sanctioned race – or in the privacy of our own homes, experienced between the sheets. But I implore you to notice just how often this becomes the default coping mechanism that keeps us all walled off from having to answer the bigger, more important, pressing questions in Life:

Is this really how I want to spend my time and live my life?

Am I happy living life this way?

Instead of feeling busy, can today feel purposeful?

What is the bigger vision that I’m working so hard towards?

Am I experiencing this one and only life that I have with integrity, with congruency?

Is what I think, feel, say, and do an accurate reflection of who I really am?

Answering these questions can be scary. Which is why so many people do anything and everything they can to avoid them. But what if it doesn’t have to be this way? What if we don’t have to experience progress only in speed? What if we opened up our eyes and realized that we don’t actually find fulfillment in acquiring more, producing more, being more, or having more? What if we could sustain a simple state of SUFFICIENCY while still remaining en route to our dreams?

I say this because I, myself, have learned (the hard way) that faster isn’t always better, more isn’t always greater, direction is more important than speed, and progress isn’t always visible… but it is always felt. These are not just words that sound nice but actual experiences to be felt within the body. And here in lies the conundrum:

Sometimes, instead of always asking why, it’s best to realize that it just is what is, just because… and the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves is to let it all be and just get back to living.


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