“Today, I Ran A Mile.”

Today, I ran a mile. I ran one mile today.

It took me 10 minutes and 21 seconds to complete. It’s what I could do, after yesterday’s fast 5K. This is what running looks like for me now. Some days are good, some days are bad. Most days are a blended mixture of both, coming in waves, mile after mile. Some miles feel easy, some miles feel hard. I’ve learned to balance what I used to call “the survival shuffle” into more of an interval run.

I ran a mile today and, even though it wasn’t my best mile, I still ran that mile today. Even on my “bad” days, it’s always worth remembering how much worse this actually could be.

Shep continues to remind me, time and time again, that not racing is better than not running – and walking through a few miles is better than not being able to run at all.

Today, I ran a mile. Just one mile. It wasn’t far, compared to my history of runs. It wasn’t fast, in comparison to my previous paces. But I ran a mile today – and that means more to me right now than anything else.

Today, I ran a mile… and then I walked 5 more. It’s what I could do, so I did it.

I ran a mile today… and I am so grateful that I could.

Today, I ran a mile. Perhaps tomorrow I can run more?


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